About the New Jersey Dogs Calendar and Book Project

I was born and raised in New Jersey, and I currently live in the Garden State (as we call it around here). So many of my fond memories include dogs, especially when growing up in my hometown of Colonia. In about 2010 I had an idea for a pet-related calendar and book to help document the many dogs who call NJ home and who I've been fortunate to photograph over the years.

About the 2014 NJ Dogs “Signature Edition” Calendar 

Pet calendars can be found just about anywhere, but I wanted to create something a bit different. First, it is 8.5x11 inches in size, with images presented in portrait form to give them the feel of being in a book, instead of a more typical square format calendar. It features a Wire-O binding, which allows it to hang perfectly straight off of a wall, or perfectly flat if used as a desk calendar. Next, it is printed with pigment-based toners on archival, acid-free heavyweight paper so the prints will resist fading and/or noticeable color shifts for 20+ years if kept framed in typical home conditions and away from of large amounts of direct sunlight. 

Why would you want to keep a single year calendar for so long? Because this calendar was printed with “Upcycling” in mind. Instead of discarding or recycling it after a year like most calendars, you can cut out the photographs along the lines provided and place the prints in any 5x7 or 8x10 frame (depending on the size of the image). In addition to the cover image, the calendar contains a total of ten 8x10 ready-to-trim-and-frame prints, and four, 5x7 prints. And it’s called the “Signature Edition” because each calendar is hand signed by me with a pigment ink pen, and personally inspected by me before it leaves my studio.

About the 2014 NJ Dogs “Standard Edition” Calendar


The Standard Edition of the 2014 NJ Dogs Calendar is different from the Signature Edition in the following ways:

1. The Standard Edition is slightly smaller than the Signature Edition (8.25 x 10.75 inches) and only the 5x7 prints have guidelines to cut on because the guidelines would have been too close to the edges for the 8x10s to print them. An easy way to make the Standard Edition prints 8x10 inches and ready for framing is to take the glass or acrylic from your frame, place it over each 8.25x10.75 inch page and draw a line around the edge of the glass or acrylic. Then trim to the lines and you have a print that’s ready to be enjoyed for a long time to come.

2. There is no hole provided to hang the Standard Edition calendar. This is due to the fact that this "on-demand" printing process is normally reserved for high-quality wire-bound magazines, books and portfolios, and each one is shipped direct to customers after printing. An easy way to hang the calendar is to purchase a binder clip. Almost any size will do (the ones that have a “grabber” that’s about the size of a thumbnail are ideal because they are strong, yet not distracting). All office supply stores have them in a variety of sizes. Once clipped onto the calendar, just hang the section of the binder clip that you squeeze on a nail or picture hook. 

3. The Standard Edition has a glossy cover and back cover, rather than the “semi-matte” cover of the Signature Edition.

4. The Standard Edition is not signed.

5. Pricing is $13.99 for the Standard Edition (plus shipping regardless of order size) vs. $19.97 for the Signature Edition (shipping is free when 3-5 calendars are ordered - see this page for details about the Signature Edition).

About the New Jersey Dogs Book

I’m very excited to say that I'm currently working out the details for a New Jersey Dogs full-color coffee table book. To keep updated on the progress and publication date, please “Like” my Facebook page at Facebook.com/ADPetPhotography and for even more information and updates on upcoming gallery talks, workshops and photography/printing related tips and techniques, please visit this page and sign up for my free newsletter.

I’d like to sincerely thank all those who made these calendars possible (both canines and humans!).

All the best,


Andrew Darlow

Andrew Darlow Images Intl.
Editor, The Imaging Buffet
and PhotoPetTips.com

A minimum of 10% of all net proceeds from the sale of all calendars will be donated to pet-related causes. The Signature Edition of the calendar is available via this link: http://www.njdogsproject.com/buy-the-calendar

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